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It’s all about the wai – again

Super important ORC meeting Wednesday 12th May. Join us https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC77y56iqIzQYFTyLKUHzQXg Continue reading

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Another letter, calling time on ORC

The drums are now beating for ORC itself with Fish & Game at least ready to fire the council and bring in commissoners. Continue reading

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The letter, should plans be delayed?

Trying to sort out water planning has blasted open a division between the elected members of the council culminating on March 25 in a surprise letter from 7 councillors being sent to the chair and the other councillors before being released in media on the morning of the 26th. Continue reading

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Water everywhere – councillor update #3

This update is all about water and what’s happened since Minister David Parker and Judge Peter Skelton put a metaphorical bomb under ORC’s water planning processes. If you’re new to this, you’ll find the information – a press release, the … Continue reading

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