Connection and wheel reinventing

A recent podcast explained that offline or online will become redundant in our language because we will soon be always online, connected through tiny devices… ok this isn’t news, most of us understand we are heading towards singularity – the place where humanity and technology meet, and that technological connection will continue to evolve as we move in that direction.

Listening to this, it occurred to me that we are developing a human-made system that is already present in nature. Aren’t we?   If we accept that we, and everything on the planet, is all connected – is it just about our ability to use, leverage or become conscious of connection? Why are we reinventing the wheel of connection?  Why don’t we learn how to connect properly then we won’t need to fill our selves with inferior man made connections?  It’s like how we used fossil fuels for energy instead of harnessing that which is freely available from the sun, wind and water movement.  Causing degradation, pain and separation as we re-learn the natural way…

About alexaforbes

My work is about acting now for a better future. I am very interested in exponential tech and exponential environmental impacts and have completed research in this area. I work towards positive societal and economic change through facilitating Leadership for Change programmes at CapableNZ and also as an elected representative for the Dunstan Ward of Otago Regional Council. At Scope Media I provide mentor-ship and strategic governance advice. Prior to these roles, I worked for many years as a communicator - as a journalist and later as director of a PR company.
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